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Application: Neheda Empty Application: Neheda

Post  Neheda on Sun Sep 12, 2010 11:36 am

1. Your Characters name. Neheda
2. How you heard about the guild. From Sincfa-- erm, Sinclair. Or Unathi.
3. Why you're interested in joining. For awesome trolly RP!
4. Previous RP experience. Been doing text-based RP since I was 13, and have been in Second Gurubashi Empire and Sixty Thieves on DB for quite a while.
5. A short IC story about your character.

The striking blue of the evening sky fades into black as the old troll still sits by the fire, chanting. He is clad in leather robes, ragged and decorated all over with bones, stones and odd glowing gems, his stark white hair hanging in clumps from under the stag skull he wears like a helmet. The five younger trolls watch him, trying to hold back the coughs caused by the acrid smoke, lest they disturb the revered old seer's incantations. "Tchaa!" the old one suddenly snaps out of his stupor with blazing eyes and points the femur he carries toward the middle troll, startling him badly. "So it is yu who seek answers," the seer mutters, shaking his skeletal finger at the troll. "Mmmrh, yes, I know, yu needed the others here so yu would feel safe, hrmh. Yu will be fine," he nods, the charms and fetishes hanging from his tusks jingling, "but yu brought here greata' visions."
The others watch, tense with anticipation, as the shaman takes a handful of dry bones from a nearby bowl, mutters a few words through his sparse teeth and throws the bones in the fire. "Ya dream, young Jekjik, it was no' for yu. It was for all of us!" the bone witch croaks, staring into the flames. He blows toward the base of the fire, causing an eruption of thick black smoke that nearly blinds all those gathered and clings bitterly to their throats. "There be a fire coming, my bredren," the shaman utters in a low, ominous voice, his eyes glowing with the sparks that illuminate the air like a thousand dancing stars. "A big fire... Big bada boom!"
With those words, the elder snaps his fingers in the air, conjuring up a splash of water that puts the fire out in an instant, leaving everyone in darkness that is only penetrated by the faint glow that still seems to linger in the bone witch's eyes. "Go to ya people, ma bredren, an' tell dem ta be ready. When de fire comes, we will stand united against it... An' we will prevail."


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Application: Neheda Empty Re: Application: Neheda

Post  Unathi on Wed Sep 15, 2010 4:38 am

Took you long enou-- I mean great job Yaz, I'll toss you an invite whenever you hop on. Very Happy

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