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Application: Zor'ghan Empty Application: Zor'ghan

Post  Zor'ghan on Wed Sep 15, 2010 10:57 pm

1. Your Characters name. Zor'ghan ((Zorghan))
2. How you heard about the guild. On the Realm forums
3. Why you're interested in joining. I want to be a proud and Horde loyal Troll.
4. Previous RP experience. Been RPing in the alliance for some years now, and I really want to try the Horde RP. Besides that, I've RPed with my friends for years already "like we were taught in the old school" (pencil, paper and a bit of imagination. Oh, and beer! Razz )
5. A short IC story about your character.:
The sun had already started to set, as every afternoon, on the horizon, hiding behind the mountains west of Sen'jin village. And as every evening, shouting and demanding continuously, Zor'ghan asked for his father permission, so that he would allow him go and serve the Horde, as the Darkspears properly do. “Ya ‘eard Unat’I, fater! Ya ‘eard te words dat came out of ‘is mout! All te ears tere ‘eard dems! Tis time te be united, and give te Horde te respect and 'elp tey 'ave given us!” Said Zor’ghan with stength.

But his father… was not all that convinced. “Dis Horde only looks after itself, son! Us Darkspears, will be tossed away once tey don’t need us. We need to keep our strong ones close and not send dems to die somewhere far from tis lands, insolent child!”. Obviously, the attitude of the young warrior could be seen as a lack of respect for his father, his own blood. But Zor'ghan is different, he has a tough and stubborn personality. He knows he does wrong, but he has no choice but to do it that way, if his old father is to let him join the glorious numbers of the Darkspears in battle.

“Dis be te last day ya tell me what most be done, fater. I be already 17, and in the age te join em broters an sisters in battle!” Very disappointed with his father, Zor’ghan left the hut with the weapons and armor his father made him very recently, to teach him the arts of War, and started walking towards the sea shore. He walked away, as his father wached him from the hut, sadly saying “Ancestors, protect ‘im, I can’t do et anymore, et is time for ya to do et now.”


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Application: Zor'ghan Empty Re: Application: Zor'ghan

Post  Unathi on Sat Sep 18, 2010 10:23 am

Very nice app, Glad to see some Alliance taking an interest in Horde RP! I'll contact you in-game for a small chat, then I wager you'll be one of us Zor'ghan.

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