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Jalzari's Application  Empty Jalzari's Application

Post  Jalzari on Sun Sep 19, 2010 1:06 pm

1. Your Characters name.


2. How you heard about the guild.

On the forums at first, but then saw you's at a recent event.

3. Why you're interested in joining.

I think that a horde aligned troll guild is needed as well as a good oppertunity for some role playing, the folk being nice didnt hurt either.

4. Previous RP experience.

Used to play DnD and a few forum based Roleplay things. But apart from that a bit of roleplaying on the Sha'tar in guilds like the Longbeards and a big climb after I joined The Frostmane Hold here.

5. A short IC story about your character.

She stood amoung the other hexxed trolls under the shade of the palm tree's, waiting to act as a speed bump to the darkspears onslaught. The ambush had went haywire with that fool Jun'do running over to them. The darkspears picked targets with drilled in precision and set upon the hexxed trolls with zeal, beating down the slow reacting mind slaves quickly. The female troll had only managed to push back the first darkspear with her shield before a tauren stepped in and planted a fist straight in her jaw sending her reeling back. And before she knew it, the giant swung a staff, and everything went fuzzy as the ground rushed up to meet her.

Jalzari's vision came slowly back to her as she regains conciousness, and then pain flooded in straight after, her head was throbbing and she could taste blood, holding her head in her hands she could feel her hair matted by dried blood, and the searing pain in her jaw that made it impossible to speak. Dazed and completely confused she looked around at the scene, there was plenty of other injured trolls and some not so fortunate among them, all dressed in ragged clothes and barely useful armour, while those tending to them appeared a complete contrast. Colourful robes and armour, along with well cared for weapons. She watched their hazy forms dart around as she nursed her head in her hands, the last memory before the black space was facing standing along side her kin in arms against that traitor witch doctor who's name escaped her.

The scene before her dawned on her, they must of fell under his control, and had finally been released.. But after how long..
Her thinking was interrupted as one of the darkspears broke off from the haze and walked up to her, quickly checking her over before calling over a tauren that she recognised, but couldn't fathom why. The next thing to hit her was the warmth of the healing magics, and then darkness as she slipped into an exhausted sleep.

When next she woke, she was staring at the roof of a hut and the warmth of a fire swept around her. Slipping out of the hammock she looked over others of her group n the same situation, their meagre possessions had been left under their hammocks with new robes, so she quickly grabbed her own and got dressed before adorning her hair and arms with most the trinkets and bronze bangles that had seen better days, but at least they belonged to her. Limping out into the afternoon sun she was intent on asking a good few questions to whomever was unfortunate enough to run into her first.


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Jalzari's Application  Empty Re: Jalzari's Application

Post  Unathi on Sun Sep 19, 2010 2:12 pm

Delivered a quality application just as I thought you would. Wink
Talked to you in-game and set a date for the interview, looking forward to it!

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