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Post  Klothjin on Fri Oct 01, 2010 2:24 pm

Good day, my name is Klothjin.

I was wandering in Orgrimmar looking for a guild, and then a guy (who I can't remember from what guild, but he was kind) told me about a various number of guilds. Then he said The Darkspear Tribe and I was caught in an instant. I like to RP troll and really wanted to find an RP guild for trolls and since the name was Darkspear Tribe i thought it had to be what i was looking for. I haven't RPed that much before, but the more I played WoW the more I learned different ways to RP (for instance the troll with their language) and then finally started on the RPPVP server Defias Brotherhood.

(This is an update to my first post, since I didn’t really think it through)

Klothjin was born on the Broken Isles. His father was a hunter of the village and his mother was a clothier. He had a dream of exploring the world outside his village and see new things.

One day the village was attacked by the savage murlocs. Luckily, the trolls were saved by the orcs from the island of Kalimdor. As a way to honor them, the trolls sailed back with the orcs to Kalimdor. They settled down on the Echo Island, by the southern coast of Durotar.

Seing his dream in close reach, Klothjin left the Echo Isles at the age of six-teen. He grabbed axe and shield, and headed on out into the world outside his village. He travelled far and wide across the island of Kalimdor. He crossed the Barrens, saw the beautiful green lands of Mulgore, and entered the wailing deserts of Tanaris and explored many more places.

In order to survive, he used his skills that his father had learned him from hunting. He hunted boars and wolfs for meat, and also went to any nearby lake to fish. And in order to be able to pay for lessons in cooking, he did a couple of jobs every now and then.

After five years of travelling Kalimdor, Klothjin started to wander back to which he started from. He missed his people, mother and father. It felt like a calling. So at the age of twenty-one he returned home to the new village a short distance north-east of the Echo Isles. It was called Sen’jin Village. The one true home for him.


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