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Valgron's Application Empty Valgron's Application

Post  Guest on Sun Oct 24, 2010 6:05 am

1. Your Characters name.


2. How you heard about the guild.

I Heard about it from Trade Channel chat.

3. Why you're interested in joining.

I have a dwarf in a RP guild and I love trolls so I made one and searched for a good Rping guild.

4. Previous RP experience. (If none, do not worry we will make our best efforts to guide you.)

I have a Dwarf in a RP guild on this Realm and I have done quite a bit of RPing.

5. A short IC story about your character. (This can be anything from a very detailed description, to a glorious tale of honor or sorrow. Creativity is greatly looked upon, and quality applications may have theirs posted as a prime example of great writing. Try to keep the story a decent length, because this is the area where the officers and myself will be able to gauge the level at which you roleplay at.)

I was a dark, cold night in Razor Hill. No Adventurers, No Merchants, Not even any animals. The guards of Razor Hill had retired for the night. Suddenly there was a noise. A lone human. He was fully armoured, carried a great longsword and a burning torch. He walked towards the Barracks and threw the burning torch on top of it. It caught alight immediately. Suddenly there was a small noise and the human gasped, then fell to the ground. There was an arrow in the back of his head. It was Valgron, the hunter, who had fired the arrow. Valgron had been drinking in the inn when he saw the human. He immediately picked up his bow and shot the human dead with great accuracy. He raised the Alarm and walked to the human, who was still breathing.
"Take dis, you Alliance Filth!" He said as he thrusted a knife in the humans neck.


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