The Tales of Jujuka, Part I

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The Tales of Jujuka, Part I Empty The Tales of Jujuka, Part I

Post  Jujuka on Sat Nov 20, 2010 6:32 pm

[[This is my first RP story, so be nice! And aye.. My grammar fails]]'

It was morning as the son just came up in Durotar.
Down south, just outside Sen'jin village Jujuka stands glaring in front of him while holding his spear tight as suddenly a large screetch can be heard from the charging raptor.
"Pah! Ya always want da be makin' it 'ard for m-" Jujuka merely dodges the charging raptor as he dashes behind the raptor as it tries to run away "EY! Come back den ya cowar'!", the raptor now stopped slowly turns around as it was almost grinning towards Jujuka, as Jujuka just realises what is happening.. Or what is going to happen. He emits with a worried voice "Uh-oh.. Dis no gonna feel fine.."
Over the hill ahead of Jujuka several screetches can be heard as a pack of Bloodtalon raptors rushes over the hill. Slowly circling around Jujuka.. Jujuka who is still looking at the raptor he chased earlier "If me wait 'ere dem attack me.. If me attack 'im, dem be soo suprized! Oh me bein' smart!"
Jujuka charges on the raptor he was looking at the whole time, he launches himself using his spear as stick as he lands on the raptors back.
Jujuka fast pushes the spear in the raptors mouth horizontal. He uses his spear as hold and points the direction of the raptor's walk. As he lets the raptor charge on his own reptile friends as the raptor hops around trying to get his tormentor off.
"H-hehe! Ya no be gettin' me o-off!" The spear who Jujuka is using to direct the raptor cracks after several bites of the raptor as Jujuka gets launched to the back, grabbing hold of the raptors tail as they still dash foward leaving the raptor back behind "Uch.. Y-y.. OUCH! R-rock! We be a-alone again eh!?"
The raptor now running fast circles hoping to get Juju off starts screetching again, hoping his fellow reptiles will come to the aid.. But no they are to far behind already.
Jujuka finally lets go off the tail as his head hits a rock.. He lays on the ground.. Not moving as the raptor slowly approaches thinking he finally gots his breakfast.
The eyes of the raptor who now stands above Jujuka suddenly widen as he gets two pieces of wood slammed against his neck. "Gotcha.." Jujuka says as he pushes the dazed raptor to the ground, he grabs the two pieces of wood.. His former "mighty" spear.
He looks at the raptor who is now trying to get up like a fish on the dry land.. "Nevah mass wit' dem Jujuka!", Jujuka helps the raptor up not on a very kind way as he pushes the raptor a few steps back.
"Me will be callin' ya Bu'deh.."

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