A Stranger to Shirvallah

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A Stranger to Shirvallah Empty A Stranger to Shirvallah

Post  Rojir on Tue Nov 23, 2010 9:05 am

There was once a troll who walked the jungles and forests and deserts and oceans in search of answers. His name was Stranger and his past was full of defiance and war. He had led an Empire, laboured the fields and hunted the jungles.
Once, Stranger came upon a tribe in the jungles, and stayed with them for a time. He taught them to craft axe and spear, hut and shrine. And the tribe became great and glorious. Their neighbours could not hold them in, and so it came to be that Stranger had conquered Seven tribes, and his own tribe had become masters of their world.
But, after this battle, a trio of Loa came to Stranger. Hir’eek had blessed Stranger with knowledge, and demanded in return that Stranger’s tribe should know him. Stranger agreed. Next came Bethekk who had blessed Stranger’s tribe with plentiful food, and he demanded to eat with them at the victory feast. Stranger agreed.
Lastly came Shirvallah, and it was great and terrible, with fangs and claws covered in blood and gore, and it had blessed Stranger’s tribe with strength and ferocity, and it demanded that Stranger should fight only Shirvallah’s battles forever more. Stranger refused.
Shirvallah raged at the betrayal of the Stranger, but Hir’eek and Bethekk held wing and paw before Shirvallah’s claws, that it could not tear the mortal Stranger to shreds. The Wrathful Loa fled, and vowed revenge.
Three years went by for Stranger’s tribe. On the first year, they were blessed with innovation and intellect. Tribesmen discovered new ways to till the fields, priests discovered new ways to praise the gods and poetry and architecture flourished. Stranger’s tribe became Stranger’s kingdom. On the second year the jungles filled with all manner of beasts, providing bountiful food and skins for clothes. Stranger’s kingdom became rich and powerful, and all surrounding tribes pledged Stranger their service, until Stranger finally led an entire Empire. Then came the third year, and it came with a roar of thunder and rage. In this year tigers burst forth from the jungles and devoured countless of Stranger’s people. As Stranger moved his armies to defend his Empire, the Seven Conquered Tribes rose in defiance against Stranger’s own tribe, armed with Stranger’s own weapons and knowledge. For a year Stranger’s peoples battled among themselves, brother killing brother, until, finally, only Stranger remained.
Ever defiant, Stranger lifted his axe to the heavens and screamed Shirvallah’s name, knowing well that this was it’s doing. Shirvallah manifested within Stranger’s burning capital city, laughing and burning with primal strength and maliciousness. It said that Stranger had had two good years, granted by Hir’eek and Bethekk, and now Shirvallah reigned over Stranger’s tribe for a year of it’s own. All would be returned if Stranger prostrate himself before the furious god. The tiger sat there, proud and arrogant, fore never had a troll defied it after punishment.
Stranger, however, merely lifted his axe at Shirvallah and spoke a single word of challenge. As was custom in those ancient times, speaking the true name of another was to imply that you were superior to them. And so, Stranger said a single word. “Shirvallah.”
Shirvallah’s fury shook the earth, as Stranger jumped, lifted by unseen winds, to the god’s head, and brought his axe down upon it with all his might.

Dead was the physical shape of a god,
But also dead the troll who drew blood,
To slay a spirit,
Is to devour its essence,
And to become your foe,
Is your final lesson.


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