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Application: Man'dol Bloodscalp Empty Application: Man'dol Bloodscalp

Post  Mandol on Mon Nov 29, 2010 3:34 am

1. Your Characters name

Man'dol Bloodscalp, former Witch Doctor in the Stranglethorn Vale Bloodscalp tribe.

2. How you heard about the guild.

I didn't actually "hear" about it as much as occasionally glimpse your guild tag, so I went looking for you instead.

3. Why you're interested in joining.

To my knowledge Troll RP on Defias Brotherhood is mostly based around the SGE, which I feel has gone downhill the past few years. I wanted to join a "proper" Horde-Troll guild especially with the interesting Cataclysm developments for the Darkspears as a faction. I'm hoping joining a smaller guild will also allow me more time for my "normal" RP, whereas I can log Mandol for some more 'variety'.

4. Previous RP experience.

I've been playing on Defias Brotherhood since around a month after it opened, and I play mostly Alliance (Draenei, Night Elf and Gnome primarily) but I've also felt my way around Horde side with Blood Elves and Orcs. As such I have a great deal of experience and might occasionally delve into snobbish elitism, but I try to be friendly and/or forgiving most of the time.

5. A short IC story about your character.

Man'dol was born into the Bloodscalp tribe in northern Stranglethorn Vale and raised as a fighting shaman. Curious and reckless he travelled away from his tribe to "civilized" territory - Booty Bay - where he learned a great deal by passing for an ordinary Darkspear troll in its taverns and brothels. Soon after attempting to return to his tribe, he was exiled for being 'tainted' by the lesser races, given away by his changed demeanour. Rather than facing exile as others do, in the deep jungle, Man'dol ventured to Horde territory, still trying to pass for a Darkspear. While he was eventually discovered, he was welcomed as a fellow exile from Stranglethorn.

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