Application to join.

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Application to join.

Post  Hooaka on Sat Aug 21, 2010 2:26 am

1. Your Characters name.


2. How you heard about the guild.

From various people in another guild i am in, talking about starting a Darkspear troll Rp guild

3. Why you're interested in joining.

The prospect of being able to Rp a troll again is very appealing, and the Darkspears have been a favourite of mine since Warcraft three

4. Previous RP experience. (If none, do not worry we will make our best fforts to guide you.)

Lots and lots, started Roleplaying in WoW a few years back, been in many Rp guilds and Rped many characters across many realms

5. A short IC story about your character. (This can be anything from a very detailed description, to a glorious tale of honor or sorrow. Creativity is greatly looked upon, and quality applications may have theirs posted as a prime example of great writing. Try to keep the story a decent length, because this is the area where the officers and myself will be able to gauge the level at which you roleplay at.)

Hooaka is the son of a fisherman, although now old, his youth and his life path in general has all been directly influenced by his simple fisherman father. From a young age Hooaka wasn't ever seen as gifted. Not exactly a great hunter or warrior, and not blessed with the arcane, it was true that what ever path he was to choose he would have to work incredible hard to become good at it compared with those that are gifted from birth.

But as a child Hooaka would lye in bed, and stay still as anything through fear of his mother hearing that he was awake, and he would listen as every night as his father would say "I am goin' to consult the spirits" and he would walk to a great house, where all the men would go, and there would be much noise and singing and shouting and when ever his father returned he would be unable to walk straight, or talk properly, and when ever i would ask him about it he would simple say "Da spirits be happy now mon" and stagger to bed.

I knew from this that my simple father must have been a spiritual guide, or a priest of sorts and i knew i would strive to follow in his footsteps. Although his father died several months after Hooakas 7th birthday due to going out in his fishing boat after "consulting the spirits" Hooaka knew that he must follow his father, so strived to become the spiritualist he is today

In later life however Hooakas fate has been the same as most, if not all the darkspears, he fled from Stranglethorn to the lost isle with the rest of his people, fought the murlock scourge, was saved by Thrall and the orcs, and now simple tries to make a simple life for himself and his people in their new home


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Re: Application to join.

Post  Unathi on Sat Aug 21, 2010 7:13 am

You did a good job my friend, I'll be seein' you in game. Smile

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Post  Klothjin on Fri Oct 01, 2010 11:39 am

Good day, my name is Klothjin.

I was wandering in Orgrimmar looking for a guild, and then a guy (who I can't remember from what guild, but he was kind) told me about a various number of guilds. Then he said The Darkspear Tribe and I was caught in an instant. I like to RP troll and really wanted to find an RP guild for trolls and since the name was Darkspear Tribe i thought it had to be what i was looking for. I haven't RPed that much before, but the more I played WoW the more I learned different ways to RP (for instance the troll with their language) and then finally started on the RPPVP server Defias Brotherhood.

Klothjin was raised by his grandfather, since he had lost his parent's when he was five years old. He didn't really know much about them, only that his father was a warrior under serving Warcheif Thrall, and his mother who took care of the ill in their village. After a raid by the centaurs, he had fled with his grandfather out in the wild.

They traveled day and night and set up camps at various places in The Barrens, Durotar, Mulgore and sometimes Tanaris. To surive they often hunted, went fishing and bought meat from vendor's if they had the money for it.

Eager to grow strong and claim revenge upon the centaurs who had killed his parents, Klothjin worked at a farm owned by a good friend of his grandfather. This way he cold earn enough to be able to later on train to become a warrior skilled in the usage of axe and shield, and even in ranged weaponry. At the age of seven-teen he had mastered the art, and at the age of nine-teen he was ready for the final test.

He has now set out on a journey to travel the world of Azeroth and to learn about the dangers awaiting him. And at the same time to build up his strenght and tactics of battle, hoping to one day serve under the command of Vol'jin and Warchief Thrall. But now his goal has changed from getting revenge on the centaurs, into helping the Horde against the armies of the Alliance.


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Re: Application to join.

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