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Post  Kione on Sun Jan 02, 2011 11:14 am

1. Your Characters name.


2. How you heard about the guild.

Have been hearing about the guild from Rojir and Jalzari, also read the post on forums (well a long time ago, but still! Very Happy).

3. Why you're interested in joining.

I like to RP and the aspect of role-playing a Darkspear sounds tempting. Besides the RP stuffs I would love to find a guild because the Frosties have been hibernating for some time now and
playing this game alone feels a little silly sometimes.

4. Previous RP experience.

Started troll RP in SGE but my stay there was pretty brief as my character needed to move to the Frostmane Hold due to IC reasons.
So my RP experience is pretty much limited to the RP with the Frosties and I would still call myself pretty inexperienced.

5. A short IC story about your character

I be so tired of this place” Kione grumbled while gulping down her hot apple cider.

So why don’t you leave?” Asked the orc warrior who had been unlucky enough to find the only available seat in the same table with the drunk troll lady.

No idea what to do when I get back home” Kione slurred and peered in her mug, making sure that it was truly empty.

You can always continue what you have done here. What is it that you have been doing here?” The orc asked while looking around hoping to find another table to sit at.

Hunting, skinning, cleaning hides and selling hides” Kione slurred. It took her a few seconds to notice that she was sitting alone and the orc was nowhere to be seen.

Shrugging at the sudden abandonment, Kione ordered herself another drink. Looking at the crowd gathered at the inn, she was sure that she needed a change of scenery, even if she had grown to love tracking the local frostsabers and had gotten somewhat addicted to the warm alcoholic drinks.

Still she missed her warm home in Durotar and even more the Stranglethorn jungle where she was born 20-something years back. Even if the life there had been somewhat unstable and nerve wrecking for grown up Darkspears, for a young Kione it had been an exciting place.

She had spent most of her time helping her mother with the work with hides that her father had brought home from his hunting trips and listening to the stories about great warriors, spirits and such that her grandmother told while weaving cloth. Sometimes when her father had felt that he needed educate the women of his hut, he had told great stories about the primal gods, but especially stories about Shirvallah had caught Kione’s young mind.

When the time had came, she had fled Stranglethorn with her family. Much to the horror of her mother, her mate never made it to the isles they escaped to and Kione spent most of her time helping her grandmother comfort her mother who was sure to make herself as useless and hysterical as possible. As taking care of her mother during the whole ordeal with the Sea Witch and murlocks, took most of her energy and concentration, Kione was rather surprised to find herself and her remaining family in one piece on the Echo Isles.

The peace in her life didn’t last long, soon she was running again, first from the Alliance and then from Zalazane and his mindless trolls that included her mother.

After things had finally settled, Kione had left her grandmother to tell her stories to the remaining younglings and set out to train herself, in order to be of help to her tribe and to the orcs. Somehow she had ended up in the table at Winterspring, staring in her now empty mug.

A few weeks later

So you’re leaving?” A wrinkly goblin asked while leaning against the doorframe and idly cleaning his teeth with a small knife.

Ya, need to go and see if things be well back home” Kione mumbled as she stuffed hides in a sack that seemed to be bursting from its seams already.

Well, just remember I’m still waiting for the payment you owe me” The goblin snarled before shuffling off.

Lifting her eyes from the task at hand, Kione looked after the goblin, wanting to be sure that he was really going to leave her alone for the time being. If she was lucky enough she would be at Sen’Jin village before the goblin would realize that he wouldn’t be getting his payment any day soon.

When the goblin entered another house on the other side of Everlook, Kione could let out a small sigh of relief. Quickly she grabbed a rather crudely carved pair of feline figurines and placed them in a small pouch filled with miscellaneous dried herbs and small bones. Making sure that she wasn’t leaving anything important behind, Kione quickly scanned the rented room she had called home for the last few years and stood up, collecting her bags and heading out in the cold morning air.

After making her way to the stables, Kione reminded herself not to try and sneak around with amount of bags she had with her. Her attempt at being inconspicuous had failed horribly and if something, she had managed to get the attention of everyone on her way. Preparing to meet her raptor, she dug out some dried meat from one her bags and made her way to it’s stall. The large lizard seemed somewhat offended for being woken up from it’s slumber and Kione offered the meat, hoping that it would be enough to keep the beast quiet.

While the raptor was still munching the treat it had been given, Kione saddled the beast, hoping that this time she wouldn’t get bitten.

A few minutes and bruises later Kione led her mount out of the stables and climbed on it’s back. Nervously looking around her to see any bruisers or her landlord, Kione fastened the blanket keeping her mount warm and clicked her tongue, sending her and her unwilling mount on their way home.

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Application: Kione Empty Re: Application: Kione

Post  Rojir on Mon Jan 03, 2011 6:45 am

Since I am somewhat biased in this matter, I'll leave it for other officers, but allow me to say, at the very least, that this dude would be a glorious addition to our thriving community.

Just my two cents. You want her in the guild, y' savvy?


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Application: Kione Empty Re: Application: Kione

Post  Jalzari on Tue Jan 04, 2011 3:17 pm

Biased? Hah, our judgements are completely noteworthy honest. But yea I'd also vouch for her even if her back story here wasn't kick ass enough. Glorious in the words of Roj here. Decline at your own peril.. Not like you would.

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Application: Kione Empty Re: Application: Kione

Post  Unathi on Fri Jan 07, 2011 9:51 am

Read it, Loved it, And as my two great friends have said, it'd be terrible to decline you, I've mailed you in-game and look forward to having you aboard. Smile

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Application: Kione Empty Re: Application: Kione

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