Kolum'go, the Pillar of the World.

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Kolum'go, the Pillar of the World. Empty Kolum'go, the Pillar of the World.

Post  Rojir on Fri Jan 07, 2011 11:22 am

Kolum’go was an arrogant god who walked the Spirit Realm and bent lesser spirits to his will. Against his fists no spirit could stand for long, and when he had finally conquered himself a kingdom, he looked towards the sky.
Upon his throne in the clouds sat Shango, the Sky-God, and he ruled tempest and storm. To complete his kingdom, Kolum’go demanded that Shango relinquish control of the weather in Kolum’go’s kingdom to him. The Sky-God ignored the demand.
Gripped with furious anger, Kolum’ga grasped earth and water, and began to build a massive obelisk, which rose into the sky like bamboo.
Once Shango was within the reach of Kolum’go’s fists, the skies cried out in a thunderous scream of defeat. Kolum’ga, the Pillar of the World, went on to shackle Shango, the Sky-God, to the Obelisk. Thus, Kolum’ga now rules tempest and storm, for he controls his prisoner well.

Kolum'go is a furious Loa, his form is that of a massive Silverback ape, his face always with a look of arrogance, and his brow furrowed. He, of all Loa, is the one who's affliction with self-love runs the deepest, believing entitlement to all he surveys. Followers of this Loa are often very physically powerful, but also have a deep knowledge of masonry, creating grand monuments to Kolum'go, and as a testament of their own physical prowess.

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