Shirvallah's Rage - A Bishizu Story

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Shirvallah's Rage - A Bishizu Story Empty Shirvallah's Rage - A Bishizu Story

Post  Bishizu on Sat Jan 08, 2011 10:07 am

Bishizu drew a deep breath as she soared a few feet over the treetops of Stranglethorn Vale in search for a solitary location in the thick jungle. Days of unrelenting assaults from Scourge forces had forced the warrior trolless to retreat to familiar land. Smiling, she spotted what she had hoped to find, a small grove surrounded by foliage; perfect for a quick nap and a rich meal! She carefully brought her wyvern down in the middle of the secluded area and paced back and forth to assure herself that it was as unknown as she thought. Like a cat kneading the blanket that it has chosen for its resting place, Bishizu stopped her search and settled against the trunk of a tree and stretched herself out fully, falling to the side and rolling around on the grass-covered ground; yawning.

With a heavy body and eyelids, she leaned back against the tree and shut her eyes, easily falling asleep to the sounds of the vale.
She did not sleep peacefully, her dreams were haunted by strange visions of war and death. They were not of Scourge, but of normal people, all races alike encased in flame, blood and gore. The evil force in her dream, herself, had her face twisted into a bestial expression of rage as thick ruby fluid spilled from torn limbs and deep wounds and coated her otherwise brilliant blue skin. Both distressed cries and manical laughter rang out in cacophony. She scene shifted to pitch black, with a pair of primal, feline eyes glaring directly at her.

As more of her vision returned, the owner of the piercing gaze was revealed. A tiger, several times larger than its mortal counterparts sat in the middle of darkness just a few meters away. Blood and morsels of raw flesh coated the great beast's front claws and fangs, as if having eaten a well-fed boar just before haunting Bishizu's dreams. Bishizu didn't know if she was standing of sitting, dead or alive; she only saw.

Then, a clear, growling voice echoed inside her head, replacing all thought.


It stopped. She tried to scream, to plead. She couldn't hear herself, only the heavy breathing of the paranormal beast occupied and saturated her conscious mind.

"You were attacked." It rumbled on. "You are not dead. I have saved your life, and do not think I save the life of any troll foolish enough to safely settle in the middle of this jungle."

"You shall fight in my name, and I shall give you power you could only dream of."

At this point, Bishizu felt a dull pain creeping up her fingers, overtaking her hands and rending its way up her arms. She cried out silently in objection for no one to hear.

The beast snarled, sensing her unwillingness.

"Fool! If you refuse I will strike you down where you stand!" It roared, with a tone that made her head split with pain.

"Fight in the name of Shirvallah, warrior. Spill the blood of many and appease the Loa!"

With the final words spoken, the Loa Shirvallah faded from Bishizu's hazy view and the real scenery began to replace the perpetual darkness.
The pain did not stop, for she saw streaks of torn skin and red drip down her arms. Looking up, the vision focused on something or someone in front of her. A lifeless pile of bloodied limbs and torsos, faces twisted in agony, bulging eyeballs removed from their sockets, a massacre like the one in her dream. Her eyes widened and her head spun. Falling to her knees on the blood-soaked ground, her stomach turned and she vomited parts of chewed flesh. To her horror, she noticed the pieces previously in the stomach and the bits of pink skin clinging to her fingers.

Realization dawning, she screamed hoarsely and tears mingled with the abundancy of gore. Wounded and staggering, she ran, forgotting about any possessions remaining at the cursed grove. Not far from Grom'Gol, she followed the smoke from the burning bonfire and the high palisade became visible. At the entrance, the shamans rushed towards the beaten warrior soaked in blood. However, a familiar presence stopped them in their tracks, and with fear they back away, whispering only;


((Sorry about possible lore-rape/shitty monologue Smile ))


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Shirvallah's Rage - A Bishizu Story Empty Re: Shirvallah's Rage - A Bishizu Story

Post  Unathi on Sun Jan 09, 2011 1:31 pm

Great Work Bishi! You have no need to apologize, it was a joy to read, looking forward to more of your work. Smile

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