The Hidden side of Jujuka.

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The Hidden side of Jujuka. Empty The Hidden side of Jujuka.

Post  Jujuka on Wed Jan 12, 2011 5:12 pm

OOC: Here you will have a taste of the other side of Juju, the side that is rare to show up throught.
Oh.. I say sorry already for my failing at English,grammar and mah bad writing skills! If you after this text think "What the hell they teach those kids on the Dutch schools!?" .. The anwser is nothing Smile

It is just morning, two days after Jujuka gained his task to guard the egg. Ashenvale, a forest so sacred to the Kaldorei, being ripped into war for so long.
It is quiet as Jujuka enters Ashenvale throught the Barrens, no Kaldorei attacks.. At that moment, as Jujuka mumbles to himself "Pah! And dem go warn me for some pinkies.. Me think they be scared as dem know DE Jujuka be here! Ha!". When venturing futher into the forest via the main road, Jujuka sees more corpses laying on and next to the road.. Horde.. Kaldorei.. As he suddenly stops at a Kaldorei corpse, slowly stepping towards it "Mm.. SHINY!" he says before ripping of the silver necklace hanging on the Elfs neck.
He ventures futher into the forest, as slowly the evening draws already.


Deep in the forest, on a small path lays a Kaldorei corpse.. Multilated, it's stomach cut open, it's eyes stabbed out.. His ears cut off and many more stab wounds can be seen.
As in the distance down the path noices can be heard.. Voices, Kaldorei ones. As the voices come closer they suddenly silence, the group of three Kaldorei female stand in front of the corpse of their fallen brother. The horror can be seen on their faces as they inspect the corpse, whispering to each other in Darnassian. In the bushes, bordering the path suddenly two shiny eyes pop up, after a couple seconds more things reveal itself as the moon reflects on the red dripped teeth and tusks as Jujuka smirks.
"Dem Elvies like dem new make over of dem friend? Mm? It can be arranged.. Me no can sacrifice things for Gonk.. Den on dis way." he whisps to himself before grabbing a small pebble. He throws the pebble to the other side of the path, distracting the mourning Kaldorei. One of the Kaldorei notices the movement, grabbing her blades and slowly stepping towards the bushes as he suddenly jumps in, trying to suprise the.. Pebble. On the other side of the path, Jujuka does the same but he doesn't jump a pebble but instead he chooses the Kaldorei. He pierces one of the Elfs chest with his blade, before turning to the other two Kaldorei. One of the Kaldorei charges in, followed by the other. The sounds of steel clenching with steel can be heard in the surroundings, nothing else can be heard till after a minute another sound can be heard.. This time not the sound of steel meeting steel, but the sound of steel ripping throught flesh, the sound gets followed by a loud Elvish groan. One second later you hear a small "Plof." as one of the Elfs falls to the ground. "Two down.. One more to go! Or ya hide more eh?" Jujuka says before parrying the Elvish blade, in response of the attack he aims a swift kick at her chest, kicking her against a tree. As the Elf tries to get up, he aims two swift but hard kicks at her face and a third to disarm her.. "Heh.. Me don't like de swift death idea.." He smirks before dragging the dazed Elf into the bushes.
The next day, Jujuka is gone.. Leaving a multilated "Elf" corpse behind.

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The Hidden side of Jujuka. Empty Re: The Hidden side of Jujuka.

Post  Jalzari on Thu Jan 13, 2011 2:27 am

Dragging a dazed elf into the bushes? You cross breed rapist! xD But aye good enough wee story, some errors as you say but nothing that confusing.

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The Hidden side of Jujuka. Empty Re: The Hidden side of Jujuka.

Post  Unathi on Thu Jan 13, 2011 4:46 pm

Nice work Juju, I like your stories, made me smile, "trying to suprise the.. Pebble" Laughing

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The Hidden side of Jujuka. Empty Re: The Hidden side of Jujuka.

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