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Post  Rojir on Tue Feb 08, 2011 10:47 am

The primeval chaos whirls outside the world formed by our dreams, ideas and concepts. The chaos is not merely chaos. It is boundless creativity. It is an endless ocean of infinite possibility. It is unformed, unlike our own spirit world, but shares the aspect of being changed by ideas. In our spirit world it happens slowly over time. In the primeval chaos which consists of the absolute fabric of possibility, ideas explode outwards changing everything around them, crafting tales of heroism and betrayal, insurmountable challenges, songs and music and any other dream or nightmare that could or will ever be dreamt. Tales and words float away from their origins, and sometimes find their way into the primeval chaos where they take on a life of their own. The spirits speak in hushed voices, tales of conquering armies of conceptual entities that emerge from beyond the edges of the spirit world, their entire existence a mere tale of a general who bravely but tragically fights for his convictions while leaving behind lovers and children, or of emerging love stories that are so overpoweringly involving and heart wrenching that even jaded spirits are reduced to tears.
These are not truly sentient events. They are the tides of the primeval chaos upon the spirit world; each story or song or piece of music that emerges from the primeval chaos is not a thinking thing, even if it consists of things that seem to think: It is in essence a wave of creativity, ideas and dreams, magnified and sent back into the world from whence it came. This makes it a mortal danger to spirits caught in their wake. Since spirits are conceptual beings, being caught within a storm of creativity and ideas, enflamed with endless possibility, it is far too easy to lose yourself, to become subsumed into the storm itself.
On the other hand, there are stories of might spirits and even troll witch-doctors that ventured through the spirit world into the primeval chaos, and merely let their desires, ambitions and stories explode from them, shackled by their own expectations of what these would do and be. Many stories tell of how these are themselves consumed by the chaos they tried to control, but other stories tell that some of these manage, after a period of magnificently exquisite beauty and horror, to forge new domains and places that become a part of the spirit world.
The Primeval Chaos is endless, however. It never shrinks, for there always exists endless possibility, just beyond the edge of our world.

-A tablet recovered from a ruined troll city in Stranglethorn.


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