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Post  Rojir on Sat Aug 21, 2010 9:16 am

1. Your Characters name: Rojir Mam'zahu Darkspear

2. How you heard about the guild: Through Unathi and co.

3. Why you're interested in joining: Because I'd like to try some proper 'For the Horde' RP. Many guilds are around on our dear server, but few of them are very loyal to the horde, especially among trolls. Afterall, the tradition in trollish RP is mostly influenced by the Gurubashi, and they're not even a part of the horde.

4. Previous RP experience: I've RPed for the better part of 7 years, and I do both LARP, Pen and paper and online RP. My RP experience on WoW started in the Gurubashi Empire, where I stayed for some three years. Other than that, I've RPed in the Frostmane Hold and the Cult of Shadows.

5. A short IC story about your character: Two trolls sat within the confines of a hut in Senjin village. One was withered and old, and lay weakly on a mat of reeds. He was covered by a blanket and breathed with the irregular wheezing of a man who had lived to be older than what nature had ever expected. His head was bald and his face was wrinkled, like the bark of some ancient tree. Next to this ancient troll the other seemed little more than a child, though he was most likely of age. This younger man had a wild, red hair and held in his hands an animal skin stretched in a frame of bone, and a brush. The old one spoke, his voice rough from a lifetime of speaking, "Remember, Rojir, that traditions hold power." With effort he rose from his position, and pointed to the shrine opposite the two of them, a simple table of bone, covered in strange symbols, with talismans of wood and feathers lying on a mat braided from hair of many different colours. "Magic is chaotic, but traditions bind it and order it. The tiger's bones are powerless in themselves, but there is a tradition within them. Tigers are venerated for strength, and magic aligns itself along that ideal. The mat is made from the hairs of all of our family's spirit talker's seven generations in the past. Such things balance magic." The old one lay back in his bed once more, watching the young troll at his side.
"You've already taught me this, master." He dipped the end of the brush in his hand into a small jar at his side, and proceeded to draw on the framed animalskin with the light red liquid. "I remember all your lessons. Never accept an offer with a spirit, unless both sides have demands. Never speak of a spirit's enemies before it, except to denounce them. Never let a bokor within your body, unless you have allies on the Other Side to expel it." He paused for a moment, before grinning down at the ancient troll. "I'm ready for this, Roh'Zul."
The old troll, Roh'zul, sighed deeply. "Very well." He began to get up, lightly swatting away Rojir's attempts to help him, and stood shakily. He picked up his walking stick, and proceeded over to the shrine and began to light each candle with a snap of his fingers each. "Which spirit do you intend to call for your first visit to the Other Side?" He kept his back turned.
"I intend to call Mam'Zahu, our family's founder and now a greater spirit of Hir'eeks nation." Rojir got on his feet and made his way to the shrine, where Roh'zul paused for a moment in his preparations. He then finished, and picked up a small, carved wooden bat statue, and read the inscription that covered it.
"Hir'eek the Wise, who gave his eyes for eternal wisdom. Beware that you do not loose sight of the world in your quest for knowledge." The old man put down the statue, and picked up a small jar that stood closeby on the shrine. "Drink this, and remember your lessons, Rojir of the Darkspears."
Rojir accepted the clay pitcher solemnly. He looked into the jar, which contained a tar-like mixture of herbs, animal bloods and other such occult ingredients. The stench was really quite ominous, but until he learned to cross over at will, he'd need this. "I demand that my spirit be brought before Mam'Zahu." After speaking this, he lifted the liquid to his mouth, and took a mighty mouthful, which he quickly sank. It clinged to the inside of his mouth and throat however, and drinking it felt like drinking pitch. To add to this, his vision quickly began to swirl and blur, until he fell to the floor, unconcious.

When he awoke, he could not hear anything. Above him, strange stars walked across the sky on legs that touched the earth, and below him he heard the earth flow along like a river, crashing towards the ocean. As he struggled to his feet, he saw all this; and while he knew that these things were strange, he understood that this was what the world looked like from the Other Side. As far as he could see the earth moved, as gigantic forms of rock and stone walked about, speaking of everything and nothing. "Elementals." he thought. As he turned, and looked to the other direction, he saw the sea reaching into the sky, hundreds of yards above him. He saw faces in the whirling ocean, some smiling and some sneering. Just then, he startled at a sound behind him. He turned urgently, and saw a vaguely trollish form before him. It stretched several yards above him, and it's edges were not hard like those of normal trolls. Instead, it moved like smoke, and features could only barely be made out. However, a single thing stood out obviously. This creature had no eyes, and a steady stream of blood tricked down it's blurry face, before the blood itself began to get the same smoke-like look.
"You are the Spirit Talker, Rojir of the Darkspears?" The creature boomed with a voice that rumbled through the air like an earthquake. "You are he that called me forth?"
"I am, Rojir, great spirit." Rojir said cautiously. His voice had equal measures of fear and excitement. "And are you Mam'Zuha, my ancestor eight generations hence?"
The great creature nodded stoically. "That I am." The spirit paused for a moment, before continuing. "Your tribe has not given me my worship, as it was promised to me, and without the memories of your tribe to keep me whole, my form frays and falls apart."
"I can see this, great spirit." The young troll said respectfully. "However, I am here to rejuvenate both you and my family. This mere calling will strengthen your form, and in return for my continued worship, I desire something of yours." He narrowed his eyes as he waited for his ancestor's answer.
"What is this that you desire, Rojir of the Darkspears?" The ancient boomed.
"I desire the gift of your wisdom in the arts of magic. Teach me your might, and I shall give praise and lead sacrifices to you, as long as I yet live. Me and my future family shall worship you as our guardian spirit."
"Hm. I accept, young troll. Let us negotiate the precise terms." And thus, the two sat with the spirit realm and negotiated for a time, until their deal was made. Shortly after this, Rojir lost conciousness once more.

When awoke once more, he lay within the hut on old Roh'zul's bed. His head was ringing slightly, and he got unto his feet and walked to the shrine. When there he made a cut across his finger and let three drops fall into a small bowl. Afterwards, he brought one of the candles to the blood, which began to burn in a strangely purple colour. "I devote this sacrifice to Mam'zahu."


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Post  Unathi on Sat Aug 21, 2010 10:26 am

Wow, I have to hand it to you Rojir, I'm extremely proud that you've given interest to join the Darkspear Tripe, your story was perfect and really made me want to know more about your character. I'll contact you as soon as possible to have the IC discussion about why you want to bolster the ranks of the Darkspear within the Horde. Again, excellent application my good man.

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