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Post  Unathi on Thu Feb 24, 2011 5:06 am

New Recruitment Thread/Story!

"Why do we march with da Horde?"

The young enfant looked up to the Warlord, who sat close by the crackling fire, clothed in a simble robe as the pair dwelled upon the sandy shores in the night.

"Darkspear of age will rememba well of what happened, it be before ya time child, but I was one of many dat was there. In years past we took to da sea, in search of peace from da old tribes, who bathed all they touched with taint and filth. It be upon da Broken Isles where we found a new home, a sanctuary for da Darkspear to live without a threat from da other tribes. Da humans began to settle on our shores, and da beasts from da sea began to grow fierce, and bloodthirsty. Once again our people be denied peace and freedom, until da great Sen'jin spoke of an Orc, who may secure our peace for good."

The young troll clenched her fist and pounded it with a thud into the sand.

"Humans! They came and tried to take what be ours! I hope dat Orc gave 'em what they deserved!"

The wood cracked loudly within the fire, fiery sparks flew up into the night sky. The warm air of Southern Durotar whisked through the jungle, as the pale blue moonlight crept slowly through the palm trees. The troll smiled and returned to his tale.

"He did... Da Orcish Horde arrived out of nowhere to bring us back to the safety we longed for, and did not ask for anything in return, merely a safe passage to dock da ships dat they brought. Our warriors fought side-by-side with da Horde dat day, and slaughtered da humans dat settled upon our home. We rejoiced, but were cut short when da might of da seas themselves heaved upon us. Great leviathans crushed the jungles with their immense size, da serpent Naga swept through our forces like a plague, and da Sea Witch were behind it all."

The enfant, wide-eyed looked up at the Darkspear troll, wrapping her arms around her torso, awaiting the continuation of the tale with grim anticipation.

"We were all thrown to da shores, our villages evacuated, da sleeping children rushed from their beds to da coastlines, it were chaos. And in our moment of greatest darkness, da orcs rushed us to da safety of da ships, we were treated as one of their own, da Darkspear felt something very strange develop within us dat grim night. With our Island swallowed by da fury of da seas, our Leader... Sen'jin taken by da spirit realm, we were once again, lost."

The child erupted, and interjected with a sense of urgency.

"But it were then dat we found Duro'tah! It were then dat we found dis home!"

The Darkspear story-teller smiled widely with pride, and continued once more.

"Indeed it were me child, through da ashed burned a new flame-- Our great leader Vol'jin leads us upon a path of honor and glory. Da orcs dat saved us from a fate far worse than death then offered us a home within their new lands, they continued to give, and with their help we have grown into a tribe unequalled by power! With da might of da Horde da Darkspears have reached a plateau dat no other tribe before us has reached!"

The child cheered joyously, and arose to a triumphant jump in the air, letting her cry of pride echo through the Darkspear Isles. A large Tauren, followed closely by a leather-clad Orc emerged from the brush, and smiled.

"Young one, your mother is looking for you, I see Unathi has kept you past your bedtime."

The Tauren smiled as he bowed his head, the trolls arose to their feet and embarked back to the main Isle.

"So... it be because they saved us, and gave us strength dat we march with dem?"

The enfant clasped the Warlords hand as the group walked upon the wooden bridges back to the large hut. Tribal fires and laughing could be deen and heard from a distance, it was the feast of The Wanderer, and the Horde had gathered at the Darkspear Hold. The Troll smiled at the enfant and lifted her upon his shoulder.

"No me child, It be because we're brotha's."[/u][/b]

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