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Post  Dijie on Tue Mar 29, 2011 8:42 am

(( Wrote this story quite a long time ago, back when I was still in SGE. To save explaining the new addition to this story, I'll be posting this old story. ))

Part One

Eyes on her...she could feel them, watching her carefully. Shadows enveloped her, caressing her bare skin. She felt so alone, so empty, but something within her needed release, cried out to her spirit, made her wish to move, to exhaust herself...

"Dance for me..."

So quiet, so soft, so seductive...

"Only for you, ever for you," she whispered as the beating of her own heart filled her ears, a primal rythm she recognized, acknowledged, accepted...a sign that she yet lived. Her breathing deepened, surrounded her, excited her. Her voice followed, rose, wove a song guided by her heartbeat.

Her blood warmed as magic filled her veins with its power, her senses heightened, her awareness sharpened and she realized that only shadows embraced her, finding herself free of the maddening constriction of her robes. Her song soared upwards and she laughed delightedly, flames flickering between her fingers as her arms rose, moving above her head, her hands weaving a sinuous pattern. Her long hair swayed, fell freely to her hips, brushed against her bare skin as she continued to sing, the words flowing from her throat, pure and clear as spring water.

"Dance for me..."

So demanding...

Music filled her mind, the beating of her heart keeping the tempo. Flames burst from her palms as she threw her head back, bowed her spine, held still for the length of a heartbeat. Then the dance began.

She followed an intricate pattern, her hips swaying boldly, enticingly, seductively. Shadows flickered across her nude figure, teasingly, tauntingly, created by the movement of her arms and the blazing fire she'd conjured in the palms of her hands. The air shifted as she moved, tugging at her hair, warming her skin. The drums--her heart--beat stronger, faster, urging her to move, to dance, to exhult in the sensation of being, of feeling, of living.

"Dance for me..."

"Yes..." she breathed, her eyes glazed over, her skin glistening, heat spearing across her belly. So exciting, so painful, she cried out, and the drums beat frantically, the music soared, the flames engulfed her. She embraced it, accepted it, tilted her head back and laughed in sheer, ecstatic delight, arching her back, arms raised above her, reaching as high as she could.

"For me..."

An arm slipped around her waist. A cold hand caressed her hip, touched her heated flesh, like ice upon sun-warmed skin, and she gasped.

Dijie sat up suddenly, gasping harshly and choking on her own breath. Struggling to steady her breathing, she panted for air, her eyes wide with disbelief. Pressing a hand to her heart, she closed her eyes, taking great gulps of air, trembling from the remnants of her dream. Rubbing at her face with one hand, the young mage glanced frantically about her room, finding herself alone. After a few moments, calm once more, Dijie flopped back down, staring up at the ceiling, her expression one of confusion and disbelief.

Had she conjured that dream on her own? It couldn't be considered a nightmare, and yet it seemed so unlike any dream she'd had before. A recent conversation made her frown worriedly. Closing her eyes, Dijie pinched the bridge of her nose, then rolled over and curled up on her side, staring at the wall before her.

The hours 'til dawn were long and filled with many questions that remained, frustratingly, unanswered...


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Shadow and Fire Empty Re: Shadow and Fire

Post  Dijie on Tue Mar 29, 2011 8:50 am

Part Two

Eyes on her...she could feel them, watching her carefully. Shadows enveloped her, caressing her bare skin. She felt so alone, so empty, but something within her needed release, cried out to her spirit, made her wish to move, to exhaust herself...

"Dance for me..."

So quiet, so soft, so seductive...

So familiar. She'd had this dream before.

"No," Dijie breathed, hugging herself tightly to half-hide her nakedness. "No, I won't dance for you again!" She bared her teeth and hissed savagely, flame-colored gaze darting back and forth, seeking the object of her rage. "Let me go, you have no hold over me anymore."

The shadows shifted, flickering firelight moving with the darkness. A figure stepped forward but it wasn't the one she'd expected. Stunned, Dijie stared, her expression one of confusion, slowly shaking her head. The stranger clapped his hands and two balls of flame appeared, burning with purple light, revealing his features.

He looked vaguely familiar, but only by his face paint and dark robes. He stood taller than most trolls, taller than herself, so that when he approached her, he towered over her.

"You thought me to be Shro'gan, did you?" his soft voice asked her, a hint of amusement in his words.

"Forgive me," Dijie whispered, falling to her knees and bowing her head.

"Do you know who I am, Dijie sa'Tol'ron?"

His voice sent a shiver up her spine and brought a flush to her cheeks. The last time she'd had this dream, she remembered how eager she'd responded to his request, how she'd swayed and danced with the full intention of seduction. It brought shame to her now, realizing she hadn't been dancing for someone she knew. And from his tone, he fully remembered it as well and it brought him much amusement.

Dijie closed her eyes, shivering as she knelt on the stone floor.

"Your symbols mark you as one of the Ghede," she replied. "I would not dishonor you by guessing wrongly, my Lord."

He chuckled, clearly finding her answer quite humorous. A strong hand stroked her hair, fingertips following the contours of her face. His skin was startlingly cold when he caught her chin in his hand and lifted it to make certain she saw him.

"Humor me," he whispered, his voice caressing her senses. "Guess."

Swallowing hard, finding it difficult to breathe, Dijie stared at him, unable to look away, unsettled by the hunger she felt. Every inch of her felt as though it was screaming with need and by the look in his eyes, he was fully aware of it as well.

"Bwonlakwa," she gasped, her chest heaving as she struggled to catch her breath.

The Ghede Loa smiled down at her and Dijie nearly cried out, which made him chuckle. "What do you know of the Ghede, Dijie?" he asked calmly.

Her skin felt alive, her blood tingling madly. "The Ghede..." She trailed off, her eyes glazing over. She shook her head, trying to clear her thoughts, but his hand kept its hold on her chin. "They are Loa of death and...and...Chakuya told me..."

"Yes, Chakuya taught you well, I know," Bwonlakwa crooned, making Dijie's gaze lose its focus, her back arching, arms lowering to hang at her sides. "What else?"

His touch was torture, the simple contact of his hand against her face was driving her mad. "And...this," she panted, one hand gesturing vaguely towards where their skin made contact. "Fertility...and mating...please..." She moaned pleadingly, trying to shake off his overpowering influence.

Bwonlakwa laughed as he released her, but it was not a cruel sound. Dijie slumped forward and huddled on the floor, breathing heavily. "Yes, Dijie. But there is something more about this Ghede Lord, if you remember. Do you remember?"

She nodded quickly. " teach us to...savor life. You t-teach us that...death comes to all and n-no moment should be w-wasted," she replied quickly.

Standing over her, Bwonlakwa nodded slowly in approval. "You mortals know some things about the Ghede, but not all. I came to visit you as a reminder, Dijie. Your allegiance is to the Darkspear now, and this includes the Loa that watch over them." He smiled down at her when she carefully glanced his way. "You thought I was Shro'gan, did you?"

Dijie flinched and looked away. "Forgive me," she whispered, hiding her face behind a curtain of her hair.

"I will collect a debt from you for your mistake, Dijie. The Ghede have a deep appreciation for rare, beautiful troll maidens."

Looking up sharply, Dijie stared at the Ghede Lord in shock. He was well within his rights to punish her for assuming wrongly but when she searched his gaze, she found understanding--which surprised her greatly--along with the typical humor. But there was no cruelty there. Still, his presence affected her senses and if he implied that the debt would be of a carnal nature, her traitorous body was not displeased by the idea.

When that thought entered her mind, Bwonlakwa's smile widened, devastatingly handsome. "We shall see," he answered to her unspoken thoughts, causing her to blush once more. "You have wasted enough time on that loathsome jungle creature. Move on."

He snapped his fingers, a sharp sound.

Dijie opened her eyes, startled but relieved to find herself in her own bed. Her jaw dropped and she stared hard at the ceiling, incredulous. She got up quickly and lit the wick in her oil lamp, moving quickly to the polished plate she used as a mirror.

As she'd expected, black marks colored the skin of her face, left behind by Bwonlakwa's painted fingers. Despite herself, Dijie smiled. As disturbing as the Ghede Lord's visit had been, she felt honored to have been graced by his presence. He offered a wise lesson and a strict reminder.

It was time to live life to its fullest once more.


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