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Post  Rojir on Tue Mar 29, 2011 10:34 am

1. Your Characters name: Kawek Mamwea
2. How you heard about the guild: From Unathi.
3. Why you're interested in joining: Because I want to rekindle my hobby of WoW-RP, and think a new character would be the best way to do so. I'm hoping for the lovely RP and friendly lovelies I've already met in the guild.
4. Previous RP experience: Been a member of SGE in the past, and joined the Darkspears with my other character, Rojir.
5. A short IC story about your character: This is a story to set the mood of Kawek's character. His father wasn't present in his early life, leaving his mother to raise him. I'm of two minds about whether to leave the father alive, but distance, or have him being dead, and would welcome advice on that point.


”Do you see, Kawek? Do you see?”

Mamwea didn’t look at Kawek. The male troll lying between them was desperately writhing between them, trying to get away from the scissors and knives and pliers and saws. Mamwea’s eyes were full of excitement as she slowly pulled on the tendon, stretching it. She was shaking visibly and then, with a snip and an elastic sound, it pulled back. The troll screamed. Mamwea shuddered with a pleased curl of her lips, and a lick of the scissors.

“Do you see, Kawek? See the beauty?”

Kawek didn’t see the beauty, but his mother was a kind teacher. She showed him every night, and one day he might see it, and feel the same euphoria as she did. Not tonight though.

As Kawek entered his own tent he lit a small oil lamp. He wanted to talk to Bizpad. He went over to the corner where he kept his summoning incense. He lighted a single stick of it, and placed it in a bowl. He then pricked his finger with a nearby dagger, and dripped three drops of blood in the bowl. A wind blew through the tent, and he could hear the sound of small, clawed feet moving towards the entrance of his tent. A small, green and clawed hand moved the curtain-door aside, revealing a twisted body with thin limbs, wreathed in green, cold flames. The creature looked entirely annoyed.

“What do you want, Kawek?” The imp asked, while settling down on a small pillow arranged in the corner for the purpose.
Kawek watched Bizpad, the imp, with quizzical eyes that only a child could make. “Ah was wonderin’.” He paused, imagining the words flowing over his lips. Tried to formulate how to pronounce them. “W’at is beauty?”
The imp looked at the young troll with eyes that were, if possible, even more tired than before. “Beauty is something which is pleasing to look at.” The imp seemed to be searching for words. “Like…” Another brief pause, “The curves of a woman or a particularly impressive mountain or waterfall.”
The young, wide-eyed troll was peering over the edge of his blanket, which he hugged close to his chest. “Is a crying troll beautiful?” He remembered his mother’s words.
The imp seemed to be thinking for a few moments. “Well, there’s beauty in everything, but not everybody can see it in all things.” He paused. “Like me. I can’t understand how you trolls consider each other beautiful, but I can see the beauty in a hut being consumed in flames leaving a family without shelter. For some it’s otherwise.” The imp grinned mischievously at the end. “It’s in the eye of the beholder, some say. I think they’re right for the most part.”
Kawek rolled unto his back, staring at the ceiling. So there was beauty in dissecting a living troll too. He smiled to himself. “Ah’ll try an’ see beauty wherever Ah turn mah eyes. Make mothah proud.” He rolled over on his side, and dreamt of women with curves and waterfalls and knives. Tomorrow was a new day, and maybe he’d see it then.
The spirit walked off sourly, disappearing into the night.


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