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Post  Viranya on Wed Apr 13, 2011 6:40 pm

Your Characters name:
Viranya Stormspear.

How you heard about the guild:
Through your newest member, Zul'mar.

Why you're interested in joining:

I spoke briefly with Unathi and he thought I'd fit in rather well. Personally I'm itching to get back into roleplaying with the Horde since it's been far too long since last, and this seems to be a great place to be!

Previous RP experience:

I've been roleplaying actively for the past three or four years. Been in numerous RP guild over the years, the most notable one being 'Rage of the Phoenix' on Sporeggar and the Rival-RP project the guild leader later created, bringing four separate sin'dorei houses onto the political scene of Silvermoon City. Other than that I am a current member of The Ironheart Conclave on the Alliance side of the Defias Brotherhood realm. While I'm not a very active player overall (after losing much of my motivation to play this game lately), I still consider myself somewhat of a hardcore roleplayer.

Background Story:

Born almost fifty years ago, Viranya was raised in the lush jungles of Stranglethorn under the protective wings of her family. It soon became apparent that she carried the innate ability to commune with the spirits and even channel some of nature's power through her person. Proud as they were, her parents had her meet their village's elder shaman.

After a brief examination, he told them of his surprise, noting that someone could have their spritual affinity surface so early in their life. Accompanied with this, he pulled her parents aside as he spoke to them of how to nurture her abilities and help her grow.

Returning home with her family, she was visited daily by a witch doctor that taught her of the spirits and her people's history. She took this in with glee, happily learning more of her people and - knowing her powers - how to help them as much as possible through her life.

Years passed and she grew into a fine young shaman. But on her nineth birthday, something went wrong. She lost control of her powers and accidentally lashed out against her father, killing him instantly. In absolute shock, she walked into their house and told her mother what happened along with a very clear statement that she was going into self-imposed exile. For days after that incident, Viranya's memory goes blank.

After that moment, she began wandering the world on her own. Aimlessly, she kept moving without stopping for anything but to set up camp; which wasn't more than a small fire and a bed of leaves. Eventually, she came across a hut in the woods of Feralas. It looked simple yet sturdy and a plume of smoke rose from the center of it. That day, she met her mentor and lifelong friend, the orc Smarug Thunderhowl.

She stayed with him for a few years, being taught the orcish way of life and Smarug's highly personal view on spirits and shamanism, one Viranya could identify with. She learned the restorative powers of water, the quickening of air, the fury of fire and the strength of the earth. While many would have called Smarug's methods of teaching cruel and sadistic, it was extremely effective. As such, Viranya quickly grew into a strong and relentless shaman.

As a part of the ritual that were to finalize her shamanistic training, he gave her a surname fitting of her abilities: Stormspear. Since this day, she has wandered the world, learning all she possibly could of the spirits and their forms so that she - one day - can do for someone, what Smarug did for her.


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