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Application - Ka'jin Empty Application - Ka'jin

Post  Kajin on Sat Apr 23, 2011 5:31 pm

Your Characters name. Kah'Jin
2. How you heard about the guild. I was in it
3. Why you're interested in joining. ARPZZZ
4. Previous RP experience. (If none, do not worry we will make our best efforts to guide you.) SGE, OoTRB, Kalimdor Corsairs
5. A short IC story about your character: A cold winter night within the hinterlands the moon over head lighting the floor with a faint glow. A long shadow over looms a small patch of grass. There stood a figure. holding a bow in one hand and an arrow in the other. quietly he slowly moves over the plains making little to no noise. There he sees it. His pray. He quietly knocks the arrow into his bow and pulls back his watchful eye never leaving the wolf. He takes careful aim and moments later a small thud and a yelp followed by another thud and some whimpers. The figure makes his way towards the work with a knife pulled from the back of his loin cloth. He slowly slides the knife into the wolfs heart muttering to himself. He grabs onto the wolfs legs and lifts it up and onto his shoulders and walks over the moon lit plains. There he arrives at a small villiage in the mountains and drops his pray onto the ground. Another shadowy figure apears from a hut and lights the stack of wood prepared and reveals his face. It was an old troll he looks towards the wolf and then at the troll who had delivered such a fine feast and grinned "You have done well. Kah'Jin." He whistles sharply as more figures apear from huts and hurdle around the dead wolf. A few moments later the eldar troll holds out a knife to Kah'Jin, Apon which Kah'Jin begins to share out the meat of the wolf to the other trolls as the begin to feast,
Dawn draws closer the faint white glow becomes replaced by a bright orange light. Kah'Jin slowly pushes himself up and walks out of his hut and streches. Peering around and sighs The eldar troll walks over to Kah'jin and motions him to follow. "Kah'Jin, I be needing you to do something for me." "W'at be dat eldah?" The eldar sighs "I be needing you to go over the river. Meet up with out brother tribes in the echo isles." Kah'Jin looks at the eldar "W'at would ya be havin' me do der?" "We be a small village Kah'Jin we need to branch out to our brother tribe so that we may be able to ask dem for help and dem the same. I want to send out best hunter there to aid them in anything they be needing." Kah'Jin nods and stand stops "I be leavin' now t'en!" "Hold it Kah'jin." the eldar holds out a large satchel to Kah'Jin "Dem Dakrspears might not like ya walking around in ya loins!" the old troll cackles. Kah'jin nods and takes the satchel and begins walking away from the village. As Kah'jin passes over the mountains out of the hinterlands A large amount of smoke and fire seems to come from the direction of Kah'Jins village however he does not notice this and continues on to the echo isles.


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Application - Ka'jin Empty Re: Application - Ka'jin

Post  Jalzari on Tue Apr 26, 2011 12:55 pm

Well seems theres not been a forum reply so can just hope it was ingame. I myself would of liked a bit more punctuation, mainly commas and a bit more spacing out, on the other hand the story was nice enough, just a little higgity piggilty worded at times, Poke someone for an invite I'd say, I doubt they'd disagree with letting you in.

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