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[As you know me quite a bit already you all know that my grammar and writings skills aren't that.. Good.]

The Siame-Quashi

The Siame-Quashi are elite Darkspears warriors who sworn their loyalty to the Darkspear Tribe and everything the Tribe stands for.
They, the best trained Trolls you'll find within the Darkspear Tribe serve as bodyguards for Elders, Warlords or even the Chieftain Vol'jin himself.
Not only they got the task of guarding those important Trolls, to they are send out for small missions or just in the open battlefield where they spread fear and death among the foes of the Darkspear Tribe.
The Siame-Quashi hail from the beginning of the Darkspear Tribe, so do the traditions and trials held by them.
For a male and rarely a female Troll to archieve this title the Troll needs to be fearless, skilled in battle and survival. And above all loyal to his or her Tribe, the Darkspear Tribe.
A Troll who wants to be a Siame-Quashi will need to prove himself in several trials to show those traits.

The Trials

The three Trials are deathly, so its on the Trolls own risk as he/she will only get medical attention when one succeeds the trial.

Trial One: Fear
In this trial the Troll will be tested if he won't flee on the moment it really matters.
The Troll will be dropped in a big pit where the floor is covered with a layer of venomous snakes, the Troll will only be granted a wooden stick and cloth armor.
The objective in this trial would be to obtain a artifact at the end of the pit, the artifact buried under the snakes.
At this trial the medicine men will stand ready to heal the Troll if he succeeds -only-. If not the Troll will have fled the pit or have died to the snakes.

Trial Two: Battle and survival
The Troll will be dropped in Stranglethron Vale with a loin cloth and a weapon to choose.
The Troll have been tasked to retrieve the head of a powerfull beast/humanoid/other hostile in the Vale, the Troll gets a week the time to get the head and meanwhile survive in the harsh jungles of Stranglethorn Vale with only a loin cloth and a weapon to choosing, the Troll only gets medical attention after succeeding this test.
In case of dying the family of the Troll is allowed to retrieve the corpse from the Vale.

Trial Three: Loyalty
The most important part of being a Siame-Quashi is their loyalty to their Tribe and everything where it stands for.
The Siame-Quashi is handed a poisonous dagger, the poison will cause almost unbearable pain for the next hour.
The Troll is to stab the dagger into his chest, when the poison starts working the Troll is to say his oath of loyalty to the Tribe.
Only when the Troll has said his oath after stabbing himself with the poisoned dagger he is to get medical attention.

On completing the three trials the Troll will be marked for Siame-Quashi for the rest of his live.
The back of the head of the Siame-Quashi will be branded with a fire blessed by their ancestors and the Loa, the branding will proceed with only with a Loa-Priest or Spirit talker present which will be overwatched by one of the respective Elders.
The mark is a black spear covering the back of the head of the Troll.

These deadly rituals/trials hail from the days of the beginning of the Darkspear Tribe and remained unchanged in the years as the Troll is to -choose- if he/she wants to do these trials.
The Siame-Quashi are mostly males but since the joining of the Horde a -few- females have joined aswell.

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