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Post  Zanassi on Sun May 08, 2011 10:55 am

1. Your Characters name.
Zanassi Laketusk

2. How you heard about the guild.
Durotar General Chat, whilst searching for RP guilds on the guild finder, ironically.

3. Why you're interested in joining.
I've done a lot of RP as a Tauren, and I'm looking for something different.

4. Previous RP experience.
Been RP-ing in "Rite of the Earth Mother" as a Tauren since it was "The Sechalo" back in the Wrath of the Lich King era.

5. A short IC story about your character.

Zanassi awoke on the shores of the Echo Isles, his turqoise hair soaked with salt water. A tall crouched figure was at his feet.
-Zanassi: Whoa... Where am I?
-Kiru'zin: Hoho 'mon, you're awake, finally! I thought da spirits had taken you!
-Zanassi: Huh? Spirits watch over me, am a Shaman!
-Kiru'zin: Ya, I thought dat, you got da Shaman look about ya.
Kiru'zin waved his hands in the air, and a wave of water came in from the ocean and knocked Zanassi over as he tried to stumble to his feet.
-Zanassi: Hey, what da hell!?
-Kiru'zin: You should be able to get up now. Cleansing wave 'mon, you should know dat, being a Shaman!
-Zanassi: I was able to get up before dat, and I don't feel cleansed at all!
Zanassi muttered something to himself in his tribal dialect.
-Kiru'zin: Hey 'mon, you should go to da mailbox, something just came in for ya.
Zanassi continued muttering to himself, something about amateur shamans not knowing what the heck they're doing with their waves, no doubt. Being attuned to the Water element, he was quite a professional in that area. When he reached the mailbox, there was a package waiting beside it with a letter from it.
*From Meridianre Breezehoof, Ancestral Seer of the Rite of the Earth Mother*
-Zanassi: Huh? Breezehoof? Da Tauren know how to write?
Zanassi kept reading the letter.
*We heard you arrived safely -or not- at Echo Isles to start your training, I've sent you some things you might need, the package that came with this letter stores them. You should find your way to the shaman trainer on the isles. May the Earth Mother watch over you.*
-Zanassi: What? Training? Dis is an outrage! I'm a capable Troll!
Again muttering to himself, Zanassi opened the package, to find a shoulderpiece and a chestpiece to wear. As he equipped them he already felt himself become more agile.
-Zanassi: Hmm, feels good 'mon.
And with that, Zanassi made his way to the find the Shaman trainer to embark on his journey.

Thanks for reading. Smile


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