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Post  Bwondi on Tue May 10, 2011 12:59 pm

1. Bwondi
2. I read about it on the EU forums, and I've seen you guys around in-game.
3. I've got an interest in roleplaying, and I think it would be interesting to try to RP as a troll.
4. My main character is a tauren druid in the Rite of the Earthmother, a tauren RP guild.
I be Bwondi of de Shatterspear. Me an' me tribe had lived a peaceful life up until de comin' of Deathwing.
Our life was simple. We spent our days praisin' de Loa and de spirits. We knew about de wars on de outside, but we never took part... until de night elves attacked us.
De Horde came to our aid, so now we aid de Horde.

Living so close to Moonglade my whole life, I have long heard de spirits o' de earth an' nature, and I have long known my true callin' as a druid. It is only recently I truly embraced it.


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