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Post  Rohkzul on Tue May 10, 2011 1:38 pm

1 - Rohk'zul.

2 - A we' litl' bird told me about dis

3 - Done some roleplaying back in the days, and I'd figured I might as well roleplay while I'm doing it, since I do often work, but will try to be as active as I can.

4 - Done some roleplaying back when I played TBC, but quit a short period after. Might have a toungesnatch once or twice witht the dialect, but will sure do my best.

5 -
- We Shatterspear has always live in peace, then dem Night Elves came an' brought terror down on us. Me an' me brethran were forced to flee over da Darkshore. Has to tink' wit' da' heart ya' see? An' as tha spirits of da' Loa be tellin' me disa' things, ya dig mon? Rohk'zul sighed then turns his head down and picks up a strange flower.
- We Shatterspear know da' way of dis' earth, we worship dem spirits. De spirits be wit' us, mon. Cuz even when all da hope is gone, da spirits knows how to find a way. Rohk'zul touches the flower with his other hand and he mumbles some unhearable mantra, and the the flower starts to glow as he puts it back into the ground.
- An' then we hear about these dead mons who walk again. It's a scary wold mon, voodoo might be one thing ya see, but dis is whole lot a' different. An' these Orcs, sure mon, as long as ya scratch ma back I'll scratch yours. Same thing wit' 'em Tauren, mighty bull mons. Never wrong to have. Rohk'zul laughs.

- When me was dis small troll, I used to follow the shamans of da village an' sneakin' up on dem on their meetins'. Always know ma callin' as da Witchdoctor. It might be a long way der mon, but da goal will be worth da road. Rohk'zul kneels to the ground and puts his palm onto the ground and utter a Trollish blessing on the ground, and in the matter of minutes the ground is pounding with new born flowers.


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