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Post  KelanX on Tue May 31, 2011 8:40 am

Your Characters Name

How you heard about the guild
I heard about the guild when someone was promoting in in the orgrimmar general chat.

Why you're interested in joining
I'm interested in joining because i have always been a troll and have never been in a RP guild before and this guild is... well... perfect for me! because i love to RP all the time!

Previous RP experiences
well I was on a few RP servers before and i was in a high level RP guild which I enjoyed alot but other than that i haven't really had that much RP experience.

The Story of KelanX

Two famous darkspear tribe members were one day hunting for some lynx meat from the famous durotar lynx. although it was unknown to the two brave hunters what would really happen that day.

Tanziir: look, I didn't want to be paired with you either but Sen'Jin insisted that we were paired together
Kuthala: I don't care what Sen'Jin says! I am not being paired with a imboseil!
Tanziir: My lord knows that we can work well together so whether you like it or not were gonna have to collaborate
Then later that day when they were just leaving the echo isles they both heard a strong masculine voice coming from behind them

Sen'Jin: Kuthala!, Tanziir! come this way mon!
Tanziir: Yes,m'lord

Sen'Jin had been acting very suspiciously the couple of days before the event... it was almost as if he knew what was going to happen to him this dreadful, stormy day.

Sen'Jin: For thousands of years the darkspear tribe has been fighting the sea witch and today there are rumors that she has attacked our villagers these past couple of days
Kuthala: But sire, The things these people are saying are just rumours, they can't be taken seriously!
Sen'Jin: you don't understand young one, If Zar'jira really is back then we are in deep trouble.

Then they heard a screeching coming from the depths of the deserted island of gha'rzi...

Sen'Jin tried to gather up as many troops as he possibly could but in the end they couldn't defeat her and she beheaded Sen'Jin before his son Vol'Jin's eyes

Vol'Jin: FATHER! i will avenge you!

Then Zar'jira charged towards Vol'Jin but then Sen'Jin's apprentice Yenniku blocked her fierce strike and they were fighting a heroic battle for years. Tanziir and Kuthala went to the inn to heal their wounds, but then they found their undying love for eachother...

Kuthala: Tanziir... i never knew you were that good at fighting...

Tanziir smiles...

5 Years Later

Tanziir, Kuthala and Vol'Jin went to finish off what they started with Zar'jira...

Only Vol'jin came back alive

Vol'Jin always thought that Tanziir and Kuthala were just good friends but they never realised that they had a son... This son of theirs was called KelanX

(cue epic music)

Thanks I hope you enjoyed my story! and I hope you approve my application!


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Application: KelanX Empty can someone reply?

Post  KelanX on Wed Jun 01, 2011 6:13 am

Cane someone reply? because i'm waiting for a reply


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Application: KelanX Empty Re: Application: KelanX

Post  Jalzari on Wed Jun 01, 2011 9:14 am

Right I'm going to give it a go, your lores a bit skeewiff as Sen'jin died before they even found durotar or the echo isles in a place called the broken isles. Also referring to having famous parents or to lore characters generally isn't taken greatly, this is less a story about your character as it is the Wc3 mini campaign with your parents flung in it.

My preference would be in order:

Take a wee bit to read the lore and make some minor edits.

Don't jump in with the words famous and (this is me assuming on a basis) thinking it'll put you straight in the spotlight.

The names rather odd, especially with the capital x, I'd prefer you change it if at all possible but its not serious I suppose.

My word isnt the last one, but I do feel it would help you significantly.

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Application: KelanX Empty ok

Post  KelanX on Thu Jun 02, 2011 1:11 am

Ah ok im glad you didn't like it! (joke)

I've found a few other RP guild which have my friends IRL in so i guess this is goodbye!


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Application: KelanX Empty Re: Application: KelanX

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