The Empress Chained In Herself (A Rojir-Made Loa)

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The Empress Chained In Herself (A Rojir-Made Loa) Empty The Empress Chained In Herself (A Rojir-Made Loa)

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The Empress Chained In Herself
A blue sun burning with all the vitriol and self-loathing of a thousand conquering warlords. An armor-clad woman-warrior singlehandedly smashing open a fortress’ gate, all the while wailing at her own weakness. A city of a thousand rises and hills, trying vainly to crush and twist and roll upon itself, incapable of self-destruction only due to its own impervious nature.
All of these are the Empress Chained In Herself, a minor loa who rules three concepts: Might, glory and loathing. Might she has in abundance, and it is said that not even Shirvallah could wrest the title of Unconquered from the Empress Chained In Herself. Glory is expressed in all of the Blue Sun’s forms, such that a supernatural illness is struck upon all but the hardiest mortal that looks upon her without falling to their knees in worship. This sickness is the Blue Sun Wasting, a horrible condition which causes the victim’s flesh to blister, then rot, then peel off the bones from the very Glory of her presence.
Lastly, but most defining of her, is the trait of loathing. True to herself, The Empress Chained In Herself loathes all things around her, forcing trolls and spirits to fall down before her in prostrate worship. The mere possibility of harming her hated world-sharing creatures would set her alight with delight, if not for one crushing fact: There is one she hates more than all others. Herself.
And thus, in impotent fury, she tries to strike at herself, tries to purge all flaws, cut away all excess or fill up all lacks. Her hatred of her own failures is only made more tragic by the fact that none know what failure she holds that she could hate herself such. Many stories have been told of the Empress and how she failed herself and the world. Some are romantic, others are mere drunkards tales, others again are adventurous stories of binding ancient creatures and striking out against the beings that predate the loa, while yet others again are fanciful erotic tales or epic tragedies that only thinly conceal the philosophical quandaries that the storyteller is actually talking about.
But none but she knows the Empress’ Failure, and in her awesome glory she may yet strike a wound upon our world, in an attempt to pierce her impervious self with her unstoppable power, all the while burning with a clear, blue and radiant fire that vaporizes the eyes of any troll foolish enough to think himself worthy of the sight.

Scripture of the Blue Maiden
“There was once a Blue Maiden,
And she struck down her father,
And when her tribe tried to punish her,
She struck them down as well,
And when the Empire tried to halt her,
She struck them down, with great vengeance,
And furious anger,
All men who came upon the Blue Maiden,
Were struck down,
Until the Blue Maiden was the Blue Lady,
And the Blue Lady was the Blue Empress,
And a little bird sang: Don’t you see, Empress,
The Blue Maiden was struck down as well.”


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