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Post  Eiolm on Thu Aug 26, 2010 2:06 am

1. Your Characters name.Eiolm
2. How you heard about the guild. I heard of the guild with the Roleplaying that is going on in Howling Fjord,
3. Why you're interested in joining.I have always liked troll RP I found it very interesting and with all the loa it always kept me on my toes to learn more
4. Previous RP experience. (If none, do not worry we will make our best fforts to guide you.) I am an ex gurubashi member from a while back and I am within the orcs of the red blade right now with my She orc Igurg,
5. A short IC story about your character. (This can be anything from a very detailed description, to a glorious tale of honor or sorrow. Creativity is greatly looked upon, and quality applications may have theirs posted as a prime example of great writing. Try to keep the story a decent length, because this is the area where the officers and myself will be able to gauge the level at which you roleplay at.) Eiolm was a young troll from the Raventusk tribe, Always watching the High Priest of the villiage and learning what she can of the Loa from him, She always spent some of her days learning of the Voodoo master, He taught her how to mix up herbs and crust them finely to make pouder which she did with great enphusiasm. "Mah gonna be dah best hexah out o' all dah trolls mastah!" the old troll chuckled "Ya gonna need ta be trainin' alot more" he said as he placed his hand on her hair still chuckling. As the years went by Eiolm became more confident in her abilitys as a priest and in the ways of voodoo, When one day she saw the High Priest and her master talking and beconed her over, She walked over confused. "Ya be needin' to do somethin' for us Eiolm" The old master spoke. "You must leave the villiage and travel and find the Darkspar tribe and learn from them." Eiolm looked a mix between happy and sad "W'en ma gonna go?" she questioned. "Ya be leavin' at the next dawn so get ya t'in's and 'et 'oin'" Eiolm nodded and rushed off to collect her things. and rest. The next morning she met her master at the exit of her village were he handed her a knife. "It be a lon' trip Eiolm, Ya be needin' t'is to survive" Eiolm nodded and put the knife on her belt and left the tribe. The journey took its tole on Eiolm as the years past and the wildlife and grew more hostile she became very aware of a human encamptment near were she was resting and when a dwarf drunkenly stumpled out and begane getting close to her she held her breath knife at the ready when the dwarf tumbled down a slop and slide next to her unconious. Her stomache growled loudly as she eyed the dwarf before taking the knife and sclicing into his chest and began feasting on the innards as the food began nourishing her. She picked up the dwarfs cape and draped it around her shoulders where she carryed on full and now ready to continue, Another year had pasted as she made it to were the forsaken were she hissed at them slightly before she head the distant rumble of a zeplin and a goblin shouting something of orgrimmar, She knew this name from speaking with her master when she was young and rushed towards the tower were she payed the goblins with the gold she had from her dwarf meal and they took with great glea as the laughed at the poor troll for not understanding a great deal of orcish. The zeplin took a few more days until she finally steps off the zeplin in Durotar....

((Right sorry for the bad spelling it was early when i posted this and some of it may not be the best Razz hope to be RPing with you guys soon.))


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Post  Unathi on Thu Aug 26, 2010 2:29 am

Very nice app Eiolm! I'll be in contact with you next time I see you on. It'll be an interesting twist to have a Raventusk alongside the Darkspear, but all will be well, as long as you give your heart and spirit for the might of the Horde! Twisted Evil

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