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Post  Talzhim on Sat Jun 04, 2011 8:05 pm

1. Your Characters name.
Talzhim (Written as: Tal'zhim)
2. How you heard about the guild.
I saw an advertisement on trade channel.
3. Why you're interested in joining.
I love to role play, and this guild looks really great.
4. Previous RP experience.
Well I'm originally from Bloodscalp, and I'm a dwarf fanatic, but in the horde, I love trolls, their lore, their culture and everything... Bloodscalp is a pvp server, but I roleplay with my friends anytime I can. Now that almost all my friends are gone and stopped playing wow, I have nobody to roleplay with Sad I really love doing it, but that requires the perfect friends to do with. I always wanted to play with a troll, and I think it's time to do some pure roleplaying with them Smile I'm not from the UK so I make some mistakes in English, I hope that's not a problem.
5. A short IC story about your character.
Tal'zhim's ancestors lived in stranglethorn like the other Darkspears. His ancestors were all hunters, usually they provided food for the tribe. The hunter profession went from father to son. His family followed Sen'jin to the seas, and they continued the hunting there. When the fight started with the humans, the hunters had to grab the bow and use it to hunt not only animals, but humans. Some of Tal'zhim's ancestors joined the army as headhunters, some of them stayed as gatherers. There were some conflicts within the family, because the gatherer hunters wanted to stay out of the bloodshed, but the headhunters wanted peace through war. As the trolls arrived to southern Durotar, it is there, where Tal'zhim was born. Sen'jin village was his home, and only his mother and father survived the escape from the isles, the other members of the family were dead. When Tal'zhim was young, he wasn't sure which path he should take. His mother wanted him to be a gatherer, and help the surrounding towns with food supplies and get rid of some nasty animals. On the other hand, his father was furious about the loss of the other family members, and wanted revenge, he tried to tell his son that this is the way what he must choose, the way of the headhunter. Tal'zhim chose his mother's side... Years passed, Tal'zhim was very popular in Durotar, he was even invited sometimes to the other Horde capital lands and cities to help the weak. His father wanted him to join the reclaiming battle of the Echo isles, but he ignored. Later, as the cataclysm happened, though his father fought the invading humans on Durotar all his life, it was not enough, they have advanced forward. Tal'zhim was in Mulgore when he recieved a message from his father:
-Tal'zhim, we have been arguing over the years, which path you should follow, but you must hear me out. We need your help back in Durotar, but this time, it's not about gathering, it's time you join me. I don't have time to continue this letter, meet me in person on the coast of Sen'jin village.
So he did, he went back to his home, and his father arrived by a boat from the Echo isles.
-It is good to see you my son. I'm glad you could come, the Darkspear need trolls like you now more than ever.
-Father, we have been over this, I'm not going to be a headhunter!
-I knew you would say that, but I have some news that might make you join me. While you were away gathering, and hunting for your friends and allies, your mother did the same here in Sen'jin. The humans captured her and took her to their base just west of here. We have been arguing about the paths, but family is family, and it was MY duty to help her... Those animals brutally murdured her when I got there, in front of my eyes they just finished the job. I killed most of those beasts, but there were too many, but thankfully I had the time to get your mother's body out of there, and buried her the way she deserves. Now you see, this is why we can't just hunt for food, we have to grab a weapon, and slay these monsters, we have to drive them out of our land, you have to join me my son, to avange your mother! Do it for our family!
Tal'zhim was shocked about the news, and became very sad, and depressed... Her beloved mother lost, and gone forever not to illness, but the to the alliance. Tal'zhim needed time to think it through, but he decided to follow his father's steps. His father took him to the Echo isles and started training him to be a good headhunter. Thanks to his previous hunting skills, there was no need to start the training from the basics. After his mother's passing, he could kill anything without remorse. Then Vol'jin gathered the trolls of the Echo Isles to join the fight against Zar'jira, the sea witch. The father was very happy to see his son by his side, he was also proud, he knew he'll make it far, and be much more stronger than himself. Then the unexpected happened... After the defeat of the sea witch, the father and son cheered, but then a naga stabbed Tal'zhim's father from behind with a spear... Tal'zhim shot the naga twice, he didn't want to kill it... yet... The father had little time left, but finally he could say what he always wanted:
-Tal'zhim... you made me happy and proud this day... *cough up blood* ... Now you see... these are the reasons... why peace only could be reached through war... I hope my death will only make you stay... on the path... of the...headhunter...
The father's pulse stopped, and the last drop of blood is spilled out of his wound... The boy felt weak because of this loss, but when he looked at the injured naga, who tried to escape, he jumped on it swiftly and stabbed his tail to the ground with his spear, then he ordered his raptor to eat the beast alive. He laughed as this backstabber struggled under the raptor and cried for mercy, but this deed made him strong again... This was the day when Tal'zhim decided to explore the world, and help in every war against the enemies of the trolls, or the horde, or his allies. He didn't want to leave his mother's path behind, and also wanted to honor her, so in his spare time, he hunted for food and helped the weak, as he did before the loss of her mother. But to honor his father, he must join the war against every vile races...

Well this is the time I join you guys, Hope you liked my story and it's not boring or something... By the way, I was a bit tired when I wrote this, so there may be some mistakes, I hope not Smile Reply as soon as you can!


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Application: Talzhim Empty Mistakes

Post  Talzhim on Sun Jun 05, 2011 2:41 am

As I woke up today I checked my application letter and well, there are so many grammar mistakes, sometimes I wrote "The" twice, I'm really sorry about that, I hope you'll get what I tried to tell in my story Very Happy


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Application: Talzhim Empty Re: Application: Talzhim

Post  Kamoho on Sun Jun 05, 2011 6:47 am

Hello Talzhim, thanks for applying.

Talked to you, and as you know, there was one point of criticism in your application which I brought up, namely the fact that your troll would have been born in Sen'jin village.
Since Talzhim was a guest when he posted his app, he can't edit his post (I think), so I told him I'd set this straight.

His troll would have been born on the broken isles instead, rather than Sen'jin village, bear that in mind while reviewing the application.

The rest looks all right in my opinion, but that isn't worth much, up to Unathi and the officers to decide. Hope to see you join our little community soon! Very Happy


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Application: Talzhim Empty Re: Application: Talzhim

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