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Post  Unathi on Fri Jan 07, 2011 9:39 am

The Great Loremaster Rojir and I, in the mdst of a sleep-deprevated brain session had a wonderful new Loa arise from the haze that is the needs of napping! Read on and enjoy, I shall give a brief explaination after a small IC story Rojir expertly created.


"Lo'du once dwelled upon the shoulder of Hir'eek, and it came to pass that a scholar came to his master. To amuse the then-young parrot spirit, Hir'eek bid him play a game of Gateway with the scholar, who was a master himself.

Lo'du, proud in his mastery of strategy, was distraught to see his moves being slowly outdone by the wise troll, and when the move came that would mean his end, he merely called for a pause; to think.

Thus, he and the scholar sat staring at that game until the troll had withered away, taken by Mueh'zala. Then Lo'du spread his wings and pronounced: Never shall I be so close to defeat again.

Hir'eek, annoyed with Lo'du's childishness shrugged him off his shoulder, and let him and his kind fly into the world to speak the tongue of troll and primate.


Lo'du the jester is the parrot spirit, and Loa of tricks and games, his ambiance is one of a very childish nature, somewhat giddy, and always eager to test his wit and guile in a game of wits. However, as seen above, he can grow jealous and stubborn should a wise challenger prove to be close to his own prowess. His day of celebration is known as the 'Speckled Heavens Festival', Named so for the power granted Lo'du on this single day of the year; such is it that he forces all spirits to play his games for a day, and even wise Hir'eek can be fooled.

"Win 101 games without losing a single one, and you can write a challenge on a parrot's skull and place it in water. When you turn around, he will stand behind you, awaiting your challenge."

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Lo'du - Jester, Trickster, Lover of Games Empty Re: Lo'du - Jester, Trickster, Lover of Games

Post  Dijie on Fri Jan 07, 2011 11:05 am


We should have more of our own Loa. Smile Spirits are everywhere, after all.


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