Application: Kajaz'kalah the Deadshot

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Application: Kajaz'kalah the Deadshot Empty Application: Kajaz'kalah the Deadshot

Post  Kajaz on Tue Mar 15, 2011 3:33 pm

Your Character's name:
Kajazkalah, level 85 hunter

How you heard about the guild:
Have researched you on the forums and RPed with some of your members at the meeting at Sun Rock Retreat this past week.

Why you're interested in joining:
Troll RP interests me greatly, and this guild offers something wholly different to SGE.

Previous RP experience:
Have had characters in SGE, Three Hammers and OotRB.

A short IC story about your character:
I was merely a youngling of no more than a dozen years old when we were rescued from the Broken Isles by Thrall and his orcs. My few memories of the exodus were of terror, bloodshed and rampaging murlocs, but the reassurance of my father, Jazaka, kept me calm at a distressing time. Following landfall in Kalimdor, I remained with the young, infirm and injured while my father fought for the Horde as an axe-thrower; he met his end bravely warding off demons at the Battle of Mount Hyjal. Though Jazaka was able to die in what the orcs deemed honorable combat, I was deprived of a father figure.

I instead looked towards the orcish grunts that protected the women and children following Theramore’s vicious, unprompted assault on the newly-settled Echo Isles. I came to admire the self-discipline, honor and integrity of the solider, and so it was of little surprise that as soon as I came of age, I immediately enrolled into the army - I felt that I owed the Horde my service, after what it had done for the tribe.

After merely a few weeks of training (or so it seemed), we were hurriedly dispatched to Northrend in retaliation for the Scourge’s assault upon Orgrimmar. As part of the Warsong Offensive, I served under Hellscream at Warsong Hold before advancing to Agmar’s Hammer, where I remained for the rest of the campaign. I remember those days vividly. We all were so eager to battle the Scourge and bring honor to ourselves and our families, and though times were difficult, spirits remained high. Though my grasp of the orcish tongue remains... limited to this day, I made not just friends, but brothers. Though wave after wave of undead nerubians swarmed the keep, wearing down our supplies, our resolve stood fast.

I have many fond memories of the campaign. For instance, I quickly gained a reputation for being a crack shot whilst wearing an eye-patch to impair my vision. I won many bets against cocky marksmen who fancied their two-eyed archery better than my one-eye. And I recall that a goblin mercenary, amused with my name, gave me a can of Kaja Cola on my birthday. He made me pay for it, of course, including shipping from Kezan, but that’s hardly the point.

And the campaign also brought memories I’d rather forget. I was chosen as part of the skeleton crew for Agmar’s Hammer whilst the bulk of our forces marched north to Angrathar. It was late in the evening when we first began to realise the catastrophe that had occured - first, the glow of dragon fire to the North, and then a burbling, panicked messenger screaming in the freezing air. The news hit me like a hundred arrows to the chest; nearly two-thirds of our men died on that day. I still wear that eyepatch to this day to honor my fallen brothers, dishonorably killed by the traitorous Forsaken.

Following Wrathgate, little of true note happened in the campaign. The waves of undead began to blur before my one eye, and I felt not an impassioned warrior but merely a cog in some goblin siege machine. I remained at Agmar’s Hammer following the Lich King’s defeat until my two-years service had concluded. Though I was still young, I left Northrend a much older, more war-weary troll.

I spent weeks, perhaps months in the taverns of Orgrimmar, collecting my arrears and letting my skills grow rusty. And then I heard of the Darkspear’s valiant effort in retaking the Echo Isles, and I hung my head in shame. I’d lost focus, blinded by depression and ale. I will not make the same mistake again.

I pledge my life, for what it's worth, to Vol’jin, Warlord Unathi and the fledgling Darkspear nation.


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Application: Kajaz'kalah the Deadshot Empty Re: Application: Kajaz'kalah the Deadshot

Post  Unathi on Tue Mar 15, 2011 5:38 pm

Officer team loved your app, I loved your app-- Needless to say we'll speak to you ingame to get you in with the family. Smile

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