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Application : Zul'mar Empty Application : Zul'mar

Post  Zul'mar on Tue Apr 12, 2011 5:11 pm

1. Your Characters name: Zul'mar
2. How you heard about the guild: Trade Channel
3. Why you're interested in joining:Because i'm RP-ing my troll for a long time without finding a proper guild for him to fit in with his background. He's a pure Darkspear . Besides , i'm waiting for months to join such a guild !
4. Previous RP experience: I'm at Silvermoon's inn all day long , RP-ing with them crazy elves .
5. A short IC story about your character: Zul'mar was never very handy with the spear and for that was looked down upon by his fellow tribesman . He survived the first rite of passage without ever hunting anything , so he wasn't banished from the tribe but he earned no respect . Only the village Elder took some interest in him for some reason. At the second rite of passage , simply out of a fluke , his bond with the elements surfaced , which gave him the name Zul'mar (Sea Master in Zandali) .Evan though he knows he didn't deserve it and so did the village Elder , he was taken under his tutelage and taught in the ways of the Witch Doctor . Due to his background and occupation within the tribe , Zul'mar is quite sympathetic for a troll , seeking to soothe the elemental spirits and mend the wounds of flesh and spirit alike of those who he meets along the way .He behaves like any other savage troll and treasures the ancient rituals and traditions.


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Application : Zul'mar Empty Re: Application : Zul'mar

Post  Dijie on Wed Apr 13, 2011 10:26 pm

Interesting application and glad to see you've chosen this guild for your character's personality. Smile

I'm not an officer, sadly, but I wish you good luck!


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